The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum promotes collaboration and innovation between emerging military leaders and civilian counterparts, providing a professional network and tools to shape units and organizations for the future.


What is DEF?

An information age world requires information age solutions. Legacy institutional defense paradigms built for past eras, while effective previously, are insufficient to meet an ever evolving 21st century security environment. Changing realities require adaptable, multi-talented people.

Furthermore, the current generation of emerging military leaders interacts with their peers differently than generations past. Online platforms allow for the exchange of ideas more broadly and quicker than ever before – DEF brings these virtual friendships to the real world, facilitating face to face exchanges that will lead to future engagements.

The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum brings emerging military leaders together through the internet and in a real world setting to hear cutting-edge ideas and engage in cross-cultural networking opportunities. In partnership with leading universities, successful veterans and venture capitalists organizations, these innovative military thinkers are exposed to knowledgeable business leaders, instructors alongside successful innovators of all ranks. Unlike most National Security symposiums, the speakers and leaders featured at DEF are young, entrepreneurial and successful active duty personnel.

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About Our Forum

Over 120 entrepreneurial innovators of all ranks, ages and services recently came together in Chicago for our annual conference on 12-14 October 2013.   We were inspired by success stories.  Professors, Venture Capitalists and military leaders discussed the latest trends in innovation.  And we put together plans and deliverables to tackle many of the challenges that our services are facing.

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