The members of the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum are united in purpose through the service of our nation and the desire to bring new ideas and innovations to the defense ecosystem. The defense ecosystem is a large mutli-tiered organization that can, at times, stymie new ideas and new ways of doing things. Within any organization, there are people driven to find new, better, faster, cheaper, easier and more effective solutions. DEF is designed to unite those people enabling them with multiple avenues to express themselves, network with other like minded individuals and gain the ideas, mentorship and support necessary to bring ideas to execution.

The DOD is a unique organization with its own rules and governance concerning innovation and idea implementation. DEF will help innovators navigate this complex system by modeling the behavior the government should adopt to further innovation and create an informal network of the military’s most creative minds, leveraging their talents to develop friendships throughout the year the can be leveraged to tackle ad hoc ventures or other challenges that our military faces.

Organization Established: February 2013

Who: Self-organized group.

Mission: The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum;is a not-for-profit network of emerging defense leaders, civilian innovators, and social entrepreneurs who promote a culture of innovation and act upon transformational ideas that address national security challenges.

Focus for 2018: Mobilizing the virtuous insurgency through renewed focus on grassroots efforts. Build capacity for more local chapters and increase access to regional DEFx events.