October 24-26, 2014 | University of Chicago Booth School of Business | Chicago, IL

DEF2015 was an outreached hand to emerging national security leaders.  Those who are  brimming with ideas, and who are eager to connect with others who share your enthusiasm. Those who are passionate about creating positive change, but are still learning how to push ideas through a large bureaucracy. Those who want to build lifelong relationships with innovative leaders both in and out of uniform.

DEF 2014 provided a forum for leaders to propose ideas and collaborate with peers in our Ideation groups, then pitch solutions to peers, senior leaders and proven entrepreneurs. You’ll emerge with knowledge, experience, and relationships to help spread an innovative culture throughout the Department of Defense.

For Senior Leaders

Busy senior leaders manage complex challenges during an era of change, uncertainty, and restraint. Every day, they are asked to do more with less. By necessity, they are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to address current and emerging challenges.

Our Ideation groups studied problems and developed promising new solutions, putting more options into the hands of senior leaders. Senior leaders engaged with next generation innovators who were passionate about creating a stronger military.

Thanks to Our Gold Sponsors

The U.S. Naval Institute – founded in 1873 by 13 Marine and Navy Officers to provide an independent forum for the discussion of ideas – remains committed to providing opportunities for all naval professionals and those interested in the Sea Services to share their thinking. Sponsorship of the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum Innovation Challenge is core to the Naval Institute’s mission. The winners of the challenge had their ideas included in the print and digital pages of Proceedings.

The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation advances the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation through a broad range of activities, including academics, research, conferences, competitions, and global and community outreach. The Polsky Center is the foremost resource for University of Chicago students and alumni as they pursue entrepreneurial endeavors and private equity careers.