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October 12, 2017, Washington, DC -- The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) is proud to announce and welcome Morgan C. Plummer as its new Interim President. He takes the helm of DEF after the organization recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and will be responsible for charting a future path for the “virtuous insurgency.”

Morgan concurrently serves as as Senior Advisor to the Director of MD5, the National Security Technology Accelerator for the US Department of Defense (DoD). In this current role, Morgan is responsible for coordinating programs across the office’s portfolios and oversees the day-to-day activities of the organization. MD5 is a DoD program office within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisitions, Technology and Logistics; its mission is to generate enduring human-centered networks that incorporate DoD practitioners and civilians from academia and the entrepreneurial community to solve critical national security problems.

Previously, Morgan served as a senior defense official in the Obama Administration, departing in April 2016 as the Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. As the senior public policy advisor and principal deputy to the Department’s chief human resources officer, Morgan helped oversee a bold set of sweeping and progressive reforms, collectively referred to as the “Force of the Future” initiative. Before his role at Personnel and Readiness, Morgan served as the Special Assistant and Deputy Chief of the Staff to the Under Secretary of the US Army. While there, he focused on strategic planning, improving the organizational design of the Army’s headquarters and its business processes. Morgan has been awarded the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service and is a US Army veteran of almost 12 years.

“I’m excited to help lead this amazing organization,” Morgan said. “DEF is filled with talented, emerging leaders from across the national security enterprise. These individuals are the future of our Armed Forces, our Civil Service corps and our Intelligence Community and they’re passionate about transforming our national security institutions into organizations for which ‘agility’, ‘innovation’ and ‘talent management’ are not merely hollow words, but a professional way of life.”

“DEF also sits at an organizational inflection point,” Morgan said. “I’m excited to work with the Board of Directors, our participants and other advocacy groups to ensure DEF can repeat and scale its successes without losing our grassroot origins.”

Joshua Marcuse, Executive Director of the Defense Innovation Board, added, “DEF, first and foremost, is an early stage nonprofit organization that needs an entrepreneurial and ambitious leader to develop a strategy for our next phase of growth. We also need someone with the management experience who can execute that strategy with limited resources. As a community, DEF needs a fellow veteran, an innovator, and a reformer who understands what motivates our members and can rally all of us together. Lastly, DEF is a movement to transform the defense ecosystem, and that task demands a leader who can inspire real change with vision and passion. Morgan is all of these things and I believe he will positively impact each of these facets of DEF -- what the organization does today and what it will do in the future.”

Upon request, Morgan is available for interviews. For more information about the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, please visit:

The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum is a nonprofit network of emerging defense leaders, civilian innovators, and social entrepreneurs who promote a culture of innovation and act upon transformational ideas to address national security challenges. DEF three goals: to Inspire, Connect, and Empower.

  • Inspire:  By attracting diverse, passionate, and creative individuals, DEF inspires a community of like-minded national security innovators.

  • Connect:  In person and virtually, DEF is a network that connects innovative thinkers to improve on the status quo while educating them on ways to do so.

  • Empower:  Through a variety of methods--from idea generation to senior-leader engagement--DEF empowers junior leaders to be change agents in national security.


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