Fellow innovators, thank you all for another great year of disrupting the status quo in the defense enterprise. Your efforts and passion over the last 12 months have grown DEF far beyond the initial concepts that brought 100 innovators together back in 2013. I'd like to take a moment to reflect on just how far we've come. Along the way, I truly want to point out and thank the many members who make grassroots innovation possible. At it's core, DEF is a people-centric organization. Anyone can step forward and lead a project and these passionate DEF members have done just that.

In many ways, two days at DEF 2015 achieved more for my vision of automated, optimized training flight scheduling than the previous two years of work.

Earlier this summer the Benning Agora co-hosted DEFxColumbus at Columbus State University’s (CSU) Turner College of Business. This was the first DEFx in the southeastern United States, but it follows many other DEFx events around the country. DEFx events are typically one-day conferences that focus on topics specific to the region or organization(s) that hosts them.

            This is a practical guide for creating cultural change. It is a framework for tactical commanders who know that their ability to innovate rests on having a unit culture that works on trust, accepts risk, and encourages initiative, and would like to know more about how to create one.

An Interview from the Front Lines of Defense Innovation