Cloud Ideas

Who Are We?

The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum’s Cloud Advisory spans the combined knowledge of the over 300 active members, 14 regional chapters known as Agoras, and our associated contacts that are eager to bring a culture of innovation to DoD by offering their input to problems and solutions impacting the defense enterprise.

Cloud Advisory 1


What Do We Do?

For DEF members, the DEF Cloud Advisory provides an outlet, structure, and support network for members to encourage organizational change within DoD and obtain benefits from their interactions with senior leaders in environments that minimize career and professional risk. For senior leaders and policy makers, the DEF Cloud Advisory offers a unique perspective from the sharpened edge of the defense enterprise through defined formats digestible by DoD bureaucracy tailored to meet your specific problem sets or interest areas.

How Do We Do This?

The DEF Cloud Advisory conducts customer-driven projects and member-derived projects, through virtual collaboration and human-centered design workshops resulting in clear articulation for problem definition, solutions, and any other specified requirements.

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How Can You Tie Into the DEF Cloud Advisory?

For DEF Members: The Cloud Advisory crashes on projects and needs a readily available pool of experts willing to lead, collaborate, write or edit. There are two ways to connect into the Cloud: lead a project or join a team.

  • Volunteer to lead one of our many projects. It's a challenge and it has real impact. We'll notify you of new projects when they first come up. Send an email to the DEF Cloud Advisory and introduce yourself and interests.
  • Once a project has a leader, we'll announce new projects through the DEF Dispatch. When there is a problem you want to help crash on just reach out directly.

For Sponsors and Senior Leaders: The DEF Cloud Advisory is our way of being part of the solution and bringing a culture of innovation to the defense enterprise. The Cloud Advisory maintains an impressive group of professionals from with diverse perspectives. Some members are experts in talent management, the joint force and operations, cyber, and innovation while others are surface warfare officers, combat aviators, lawyers, or entrepreneurs. If you have a problem and want the force of the future to weigh in and provide a unique perspective, contact the DEF Cloud Advisory and set up a discussion on how we can move forward.