How Does DEF Turn Ideas into Innovation?  The Cloud Advisory.

From computer scientists to military operators, the Cloud Advisory leverages a network of over 300 active members and 14 local chapters –  to define a complex problem, and then delve deep into it and provide solutions and even implementation guidance or plan. In short, the Cloud Advisory turns the innovation and inspiration outlined by its community and translates them into tangible solutions for both public and private sector clients.

The Cloud Advisory is a professional cadre from across the globe and the national security enterprise. We are veterans or just like-minded civilians working in major technology companies like Apple. We are active duty Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen. We are civilians working in the halls of think tanks or the Pentagon. We are design facilitation experts working for consulting firms or trained by the best programs in the Department of Defense. But above all else – we are passionate about developing solutions that can make a change today.

What Do We Do?

For DEF members, the Advisory Cloud provides practical outlet to contribute to solutions for both the public and private sector.  For national security leaders and policy makers, the Cloud Advisory offers a unique perspective from the sharpened edge of the defense enterprise.  Do you want ideas from those mid-career professionals that enact DoD policies and technologies every day?  Do you want to hear from those who implement your ideas and utilize your technological products?  Bring your question to DEF and hear from those on the frontlines of innovation.

How Do We Do This?

What can the Cloud Advisory do for you?  Think of the Cloud Advisory as the ultimate consultancy for capturing the force of future’s perspective. The cloud advisory has provided written reports, spoken remarks, and survey design and development. Bottom line, if you have a specific problem or question that you want a unique perspective on – we are a motivated and experienced group who will be excited to delve into the core of the problem and details of how to get to worthwhile and plausible solutions.

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How Can You Tie Into the DEF Cloud Advisory?

For DEF Members:   Have you ever left a meeting with a solution still out of reach?  The Cloud Advisory aims put the members of DEF at the forefront of those who actually bring effective solutions and implementation to complex problems.

Here at the Cloud Advisory, we believe the future of successful projects will be dependent upon a project manager’s ability to leverage virtual collaboration and connections. We see virtual collaboration as an opportunity to get those outside of geographic space, but with valuable insights, to not only get them involved but have them feel involved and increase their level of commitment and involvement to solving complex problems.

The Cloud Advisory is committed to maximizing opportunities to come together and not just provide solutions – but bring implementation of those solutions as well.  Maximize your input, time, and expertise.  Join the Cloud Advisory and get beyond admiring the problem.  Find the solution that can bring innovation to the national security enterprise today.

For Sponsors and Senior Leaders: The DEF Cloud Advisory is our way of being part of the solution and bringing a culture of innovation to the defense enterprise. The Cloud Advisory maintains an impressive group of professionals from with diverse perspectives. Some members are experts in talent management, the joint force and operations, cyber, and innovation while others are surface warfare officers, combat aviators, lawyers, or entrepreneurs.

DEF can bring this unique group together to provide solutions and ideas for your organization to implement today – and make a difference in your organization tomorrow.

Past DEF Cloud Advisory clients include:  Office of the Secretary of Defense, Eastern Foundry, the Defense Innovation Board, and the United States Naval Institute Press.

If you have a challenge and want the force of the future to weigh in and provide a unique perspective, contact the DEF Cloud Advisory and tell us how we can help.