Sponsor:  DoD Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel & Readiness

In July 2015, a group from the DEF community came together to discuss the importance of talent management as a means of increasing military readiness and defense of the country.

DEF Participants:  Corina DuBois, Nate Finney, Jessica Gallus, Rob Greiner, Kristen Hajduk, Kevin Kenny, Rick Kuehn, Josh Marcuse, EmilyGrace Mate, Roger Misso, Laura Odato, Dave Uejio

Challenge:  The current Departmental personnel system is based on a “golden career path” that assumes every E1/O1 should be pushed toward General or Flag rank.  It rewards conformity and leads to a lack of diversity in the highest ranks.  Moreover, it unnecessarily punishes those who diverge from the path.

Cloud Advisory Recommendation:  Develop a Talent Management Ecosystem to serve as a marketplace for Service members and civilians that can serve the organization, commanders’ requirements, and the interests and curiosity of the individual service member.

Summary:  The Cloud Advisory group began the day by discussing the challenge and the goal of the day’s effort:  to develop a report that represents the view of mid-career professionals who believe the DoD personnel system can be improved.  Then-USD(P&R) Brad Carson provided keynote remarks to the group and thanked them for their support. The group spent the remainder of the morning discussing those personnel policies that most needed revision. Afternoon break out sessions focused on specific topics such as creating an assignment marketplace, more inclusive recruitment and retention policies, and a talent management that attached promotions to assignments.

Teams then took this work and developed a report for USD(P&R).  The report was included – as written – to the Secretary of Defense.  Many of the recommendations were instituted by then-Secretary Ash Carter.

View the final report here.

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