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Background: On 27 January, 2017 a member of the Defense Innovation Advisory Board (DIAB) met with DEF Operations Director to discuss two proposals the DIAB would be discussing during their next meeting on 04 April, 2017. DIAB representative provided background documents and questions of interest for DEF to provide feedback on and potential provide a presentation on those results.

Specified Request: DIAB will be proposing two separate recommendations during their next in-person meeting on 04 April 2017.

Recommendation 1: Appoint a Chief Innovation Officer and Build Innovation Capacity in the Workforce
Core Problem: DOD has an “innovation archipelago” which inhibits innovation due to a lack of communication and collaboration.
Proposed Solution: A supervising and coordinating office promoting a coherent strategy led by a DoD Chief Innovation Officer who will enhance workforce capacity, human capital, professional training programs, and establish an underlying culture of innovation by facilitating, supporting, empowering, and connecting the DoD innovation archipelago.

Cloud Advisory Plan:
Part 1 – 08-15 February – Request for Input: Cloud Advisory Project 001 will be released to Agoras and DEF members, giving the opportunity to conduct discussions and provide initial rough answers through a semi-structured design session. Agora’s will be given until 24 FEB to provide feedback.

Part 2 – 16-18 February – Identify and Build Writing Teams: Based on feedback received, the Cloud Advisory Director will form a writing team. Ideally, each Agora, individual, or DEF group that provided feedback will have given a volunteer to assist in refining their feedback to mesh with the disparate input.

Part 3 – 19 February – 08 March: Report Draft Revision & Develop Presentation: The writing team complete the first draft of the reports, enabling for a framework of a presentation to take shape. Writing team identifies potential presenter(s). On 08 March, DEF leadership will be provided a in progress review of the reports, presentation, and way ahead.

Part 4 – 09-19 March – Final Draft & Presentation Rehearsal: The writing team reduces as the reports are refined and finished. Presenter(s) conduct virtual rehearsals. On 19 March, DEF leadership will be provided the final report and presentation.

Part 5 – 20-31 March – DEF Leadership Review: DEF leadership review the reports and presentation material, providing their feedback during virtual presentation on 25 March. Core writing team will incorporate DEF leadership feedback and submit the final reports to DIAB on 31 March.

Part 6 – 04 April – DEF Presentation to DIAB: Presenting team closes the project with a presentation to the DIAB.