Sponsor:  Defense Innovation Advisory Board

DEF Participants:  Robert Kurtts, Ciro Lopez, Brett Miller, Rachelle Oribio, Dennis Perrault, Kyle Stockwell, Dan Ward, Chris Wood

In January 2017, the Defense Innovation Advisory Board (DIB) asked DEF to convene stakeholders from the DEF community to discuss and review the challenges of talent management and optimizing DoD innovation.

Challenge: DOD has an “innovation archipelago” which inhibits innovation due to a lack of communication and collaboration.

Cloud Advisory Recommendation:  Appoint a Chief Innovation Officer and build innovation capacity in the workforce.

Cloud Advisory Proposed Solution:  A supervising and coordinating office promoting a coherent strategy led by a DoD Chief Innovation Officer who will enhance workforce capacity, human capital, professional training programs, and establish an underlying culture of innovation by facilitating, supporting, empowering, and connecting the DoD innovation archipelago.

Summary:  Request for Input. The Cloud Advisory reached out to the Agoras and DEF members with a call for initial rough answers through a semi-structured design session.

Identify and Build Writing Teams. Based on feedback received, the Cloud Advisory Director formed a writing team. Participants from the DEF community provided content and feedback during the writing process.

Report Completion & Presentation. The Cloud Advisory writing team completed report, and a framework for the presentation took shape. In April, the DEF Cloud Advisory team presented their findings and recommendations to the DIAB.

View the Final Report Here.

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