DEF Cloud Advisory provides opportunities for members to get involved and make a difference in both big and small ways across the National Security enterprise. In 2017, the Cloud advisory conducted two major projects with additional support to four other requests.

Defense Innovation Advisory Board
On 27 January 2017 a member of the Defense Innovation Advisory Board (DIAB) met with DEF to discuss two proposals the DIAB would be discussing during their next meeting on 4 April 2017. DIAB representative provided background documents and questions of interest for DEF to provide feedback on and potential provide a presentation on those results. The Cloud Advisory then led multiple virtual collaboration sessions to develop a detailed public statement on each proposal.

Project 001
Project 002

NATO International Concept Development & Experimentation Conference
In late March 2017, representatives from NATO SAC-T contacted DEF looking for design thinking support services for the OCT 2017 NATO International Concept Development & Experimentation Conference in London. The scope of capabilities requested were outside of the still-growing Cloud Advisory’s capabilities – instead the Cloud Advisory leveraged network connections to provide the best possible candidates who could service this contract.

Intelligence & National Security Association (INSA)
Active DEF Members leveraged the DEF network to provide Human-Centered Design (HCD) facilitators to guide a discussion sponsored by the U.S. Air Force A2.

SBIR Survey Development
Eastern Foundry, an incubator and accelerator offering educational resources, professional services and community for innovative tech startups, asked DEF to team up to develop, implement, and assess a survey focused on the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. SBIR is a competitive program designed to encourage small businesses to engage in Federal Research/R&D that has the potential for commercialization and profit. The Cloud Advisory leveraged the DEF network to bring on individuals within this niche area and completed the request through both in person and virtual collaboration techniques.

Defense National Security Innovation Summit
The Defense Leadership Forum requested a speaker from DEF for their Defense National Security Innovation Summit held in September 2017. DEF Cloud Advisory once again leveraged its network to identify a leader and intrapreneur to provide the ‘insiders perspective on how to bring innovation to the military.’