Two of our core values in the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum are to be “people focused” and “action oriented.” Recognizing that there are hundreds of people spread out in various time zones around the world, we thought it best to provides some tools that can help people collaborate, both in connecting with and inspiring each other, but also as a means for empowering virtuous insurgents to take ownership of new projects, ideas and challenges in order to improve upon the status quo.

We have a variety of private communities online, some of which are tied to social media (like the members-only Facebook and LinkedIn groups) and others are geared towards those who don’t want as many distractions (like Slack). You can choose to be involved in as many or as few of these forums as you like, but are welcome in any as a DEF member and will receive an invite to Slack within about 24 hours of joining.

If you’re not familiar with that tool, don’t worry! We created a whole DEF Slack guide with tutorials and tips. Curious to learn more about what DEF’s all about? That same guide also has a list of every Slack channel and a brief description, so you can learn more about the virtuous insurgency before you even get into the game. Interested? Click the image below to learn more.

Already in DEF’s Slack, Facebook or LinkedIn group and want to invite a friend? Just have them sign-up!

In addition to these tools, DEF uses Google Suite to keep our volunteer team organized, Trello to get all the behind-the-scenes work done, and Zoom to facilitate conference calling. Do you have a project that might benefit from leveraging these resources? Let us know! We’re here to help.