DEF Colorado Springs recently got together for our first Drink & Think of 2018 at Red Leg Brewing. We heard from Todd Baldwin, a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) that served as an Artillery Officer in the 101st Airborne Division and deployed to Iraq for 15 months. Todd founded Red Leg Brewing Company in 2013 which has become one of the most popular breweries in town and shared some of his insights from experiences across the board as they relate to innovation.

Our February Drink & Think will take place on 21 February, again at Red Leg Brewing, where we’ll hear from Paul Yingling, a retired Army officer that served five tours in combat and stability operations during his 28-year military career and is the author of numerous articles on military leadership, policy and strategy. His 2007 Armed Forces Journal article, “A Failure in Generalship” received national media attention.

Want to get involved? We’re always looking to connect with people interested in national security, working on novel projects or that have ideas for how we can better shift national security community culture to be more innovative. Feel free to attend an upcoming event, join us in our Slack, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, or shoot us a note.

Until then,

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