Hacking for Defense (H4D, https://www.h4di.org) is a semester-long course at leading United States universities that offers the United States Department of Defense (DoD) leaders with the opportunity to collaborate with talented student teams to develop innovative solutions to their most pressing national security problems.

In H4D courses, interdisciplinary student teams are provided with real-world national security problems sourced from DoD agencies. Then, student teams are instructed in and apply Lean Startup principles in order to iteratively develop and test potential solutions. By the end of the course, student teams will have conducted at least 100 stakeholder interviews and developed a “minimally viable product”, MVP, that addresses the needs of their DoD problem sponsor.For students, H4D represents an unparalleled opportunity to work on real-world national security problems in close collaboration with DoD personnel and agencies. In addition to offering this unique academic experience, partner universities have received significant publicity from engagement in H4D in top news outlets, including Foreign Policy, Forbes, Wired, Bloomberg, and the Washington Post.

Class Schedules:

  • Georgetown: Mondays 1830-2100 EST, JAN 10-MAR 30
  • Johns Hopkins University: Thursdays 1630-1900 EST, FEB 1-MAY 3
  • University of Southern California: Thursdays 1530-1850 PST, JAN 11-APR 26
  • University of Colorado Boulder: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1700-1815 MTZ, JAN 16-MAY 3
  • University of Pittsburgh: Mondays 1800-2030 EST, JAN 8-APR 16
  • University of Southern Mississippi: Tuesdays 1800-2100 CTZ, JAN 16-MAY 2
  • Stanford University: Class dates TBD, starting in April
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