Thanks for your interest in the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum!

DEF started as a movement of passionate doers that saw a need for greater innovation in the defense and national security community. We have continued to grow the virtuous insurgency since our first national conference in 2013, leaving a question of how best to scale and incorporate all the incredible participants.

As a corporate member, there are two levels of membership – we value diversity and recognize that low barriers to entry are important to cultivate a vibrant community. We have been listening to feedback since launching our pilot program in 2017 and realized that there was a lot of interest in corporate participation. Recognizing this gap, we updated our current membership component to include opportunities for companies of all sizes to get involved.

We hope the new opportunities are exciting and allow you to amp up your insurgent activities as you continue working hard and bring us closer to the goal. Just like those that sign up as individual members, we hope that the team members you select to join as part of a corporate membership will engage in the discussion, find opportunities to help out the community and take every opportunity to encourage a more innovative national security culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Corporate Membership work?

Unlike sponsorship, which provides marketing opportunities for discrete events, Corporate Membership offers an opportunity for companies to establish an enduring relationship based on shared values with DEF to include the company’s logo on DEF’s website, select a number of their employees as Members, and the opportunity to solidify the enduring value that they see in DEF. Corporate membership costs and benefits are based on the company’s annual revenue and size and preferred membership level.

Excellent! We would love to support DEF financially: where does the money go?

Directly back to our members in the form of national programs and services that provide opportunities to inspire, connect and empower! As we continue to implement the DEF 3.0 evolution (focused on that critical “empower” component), we recognize the need to provide real value back to our members. Proceeds from membership , both corporate and individual, will help fund key programs like the Firestarters Fellowship, support the IT architecture for Cloud Advisory, provide financial flexibility so that we can support down payments for DEFx events, and support new pilot programs created by you, our members!

I am interested in supporting DEF as an individual – is individual membership possible?

Absolutely! Individual membership in DEF is free, but you can also support financially at a couple of different support levels, either with an annual or monthly donation. You can find out more here.

This is great, but I have some ideas to make it even better – how do I share them?

We need your feedback, comments and concerns so that we can iterate to success! We want membership to reflect our organizational values and ensure that DEF will be around 10 years from now! Consistent with our desire to implement Lean principles into our operations, we’ll periodically evaluate the whole program and make updates based on feedback of our members. Please share any thoughts and ideas here.