Innovation rarely begins in a cubicle. It happens when members of disparate communities come together socially and allow their conventional concepts to be applied in new and unconventional ways.

It requires a mix of divergent thinking and open discussions that are devoid of judgment and instead leverage "Yes, and..." Good ideas start in coffee houses, bars, and conference rooms over pizza.

That's why we created DEF Agoras. Ideas need nurturing and cultivating.

Find your Agora and become part of the conversation and the community. Share your idea or help to shape someone else's.

About DEF Agoras

In ancient Greece, the Agora was a centralized place within a city-state where regional leaders, businessmen and academics gathered to trade ideas, make deals, and explore the realm of the possible.

In a similar vein, DEF Agoras are small, local DEF outposts for our membership to gather in person to discuss emergent issues. They are an open forum for conversation, thought and action.

The Agoras take the momentum and relationships developed at the national DEF conference or regional DEF[x] events, giving structure to local innovation, as well as access to a national network of like-minded individuals. The Agora is where innovators will meet, preferably in person, to discuss new ideas and develop the networks to carry them out.

These events may be as small as 4-5 individuals, or as many as 20, and may last for a few hours over dinner or cocktails. Topics and format is over to local leadership, but the purpose is to deepen relational connections while exploring various topics of interest to the group.

Subjects may include:

-A Great Books Discussion with St John's Tutors 
-A formal debate over the future of drone warfare 
-A discussion about a controversial article 
-A whiskey tasting with associated insights into the distillation process

Each local Agora has a group of leaders who coordinate and plan events, which are featured on the website.

For more information about any of the DEF Agoras, how to start a new Agora, or to get connected with an existing Agora, please contact [email protected]

Upcoming Agora Events

DEF Agora

Save the date - our November Drink & Think will be on November 28th with Fmr Presidential Innovation Fellow Geoff Mulligan.

Agora Locations

DC Agora

1306 G St NW, Washington, DC 20005