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DEFx brings the same powerful DEF network of entrepreneurs and innovators to new communities and new people.

Some DEFx events are a series of talks by high- and low-profile defense innovators. Other DEFx events are innovation competitions that bring together 3D printing and startup-style problem solving to emerging national security challenges. Others might be a panel, a debate, or something completely new. Many of the DEFx events are live-streamed, recorded, and live-tweeted. Most have a thirsty happy hour event. Regardless of the format, all DEFx events bring the DEF experience to you.

Upcoming Events


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  • DEFx West Point - Spring/Summer 2017
  • DEFx Boston - TBD
  • DEFx UK
  • DEFx Silicon Valley - Fall 2017

Host your own DEFx

Do you find yourself constantly discussing national security or defense issues and solutions? Do you find DEF’s startup-style energy an invigorating and refreshing creative outlet? If so, bring the DEF entrepreneurship community to the national security arena near you by planning a DEFx.

DEFx events are YOUR events. You create, shape, test, and implement your DEFx with the knowledge and support of the greater DEF community. The theme, topics, speakers, location, format, and date are all yours to decide. Whether it be plenary talks, a panel or debate, an unconference, an innovation competition, or something new, DEFx events are decentralized experimentation platforms designed to give YOU the chance to bring entrepreneurship and innovation into the national security ecosystem.

What will your DEFx bring to the table?

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