abilene, texas
317th Airlift Group Auditorium, Dyess AFB
Abilene, TX

DEF[x]Big Country - Innovation Challenge 1.0 (an Athena-style event) arrives in Abilene/Dyess, TX on June 26th!


DEF[x]Big Country - Innovation Challenge 1.0 is an inaugural Athena-style innovation competition to be held at Dyess AFB, TX on the 26th of June, 2015.  It is a forum for Airmen and civilians to present operational ideas to implement locally in an effort to develop a flourishing culture of innovation. This innovation challenge is a one day event that allows ideas to be showcased while inspiring observers to develop and communicate their own ideas.

This event will feature a number of emerging innovators who will present their ideas to a panel of respected and connected judges.  

Civilian participants who need base access: sign up via eventbrite below and the organizers will contact you for assistance.

Stay tuned for more details as they arise!


Date:  Friday, 26 June 2015
- 317th Airlift Group Auditorium
- Herck Drive
- Dyess AFB, TX
Attire: Business Casual


  • 1300 - 01F Carousel - Henry Hahn IV
  • 1315 - FreedomLancer - Angela and Tyler Richardson
  • 1330 - Paperless Contracting - Thornton, Ince, VanHorn
  • 1345 - Mobile Health Tracking - Eric Powell
  • 1415 - Dyess Ride Share - Peter Thompson
  • 1430 - Tablet-based Tech Orders - Jonathan Kropke
  • 1500 - Random PT Testing - Jessica Rackley
  • 1515 - Armament Tailkit Tester - Stephen Burgin
  • 1530 - B-1 Bomb Module Innovation - Joshua Elliott