w&m campus
Miller Hall at Mason School of Business, 101 Ukrop Loop, College of William & Mary
Williamsburg, VA

DEFxWilliam & Mary - The "Real" Third Offset arrives in Williamsburg next spring!


DEFxWilliam & Mary is Williamsburg's inaugural DEF event to be held in the spring 2016!  It is a forum for emerging national security leaders and interested parties to  explore a couple different takes on the "Third Offset Strategy": how could this offset disrupt organizational norms, personnel management, and strategic policy going forward?   The event will be hosted in Miller Hall, home of the Mason School of Business, and newest building addition to the beautiful William and Mary campus in the heart of Williamsburg.  


Josh Marcuse - "Force of the Future"
Allen Slade - "Change Intelligence"
Dennis Smith and the PIPS Program - "Lessons from the Civilian World"
Aaron Bazin - "NATO and the 3rd Offset Strategy"
Spencer Bakich - "Information Structures and the OODA Loop"
Matt Hipple - "The Human Offset"


  • Ori Brafman - "Managing Chaos in the 21st Century"
  • Josh Marcuse
  • Allen Slade
  • Dennis Smith
  • Aaron Bazin
  • Spence Bakich
  • Matt Hipple


  • 0800 - Registration & Coffee
  • 0830 - Welcome & Opening
  • 0900-1230 - Plenary & Breakouts
  • 1230-1330 - Lunch
  • 1330-1700 - Breakouts & Plenary
  • 1700 - Happy Hour @ DOG Street Pub
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