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Drink & Think -

We'll be taking a break from Drink & Think events in April due to a busy March and training events in April.

Our May speaker will be the Commander of 1st Stryker Brigade, 4th Infantry Division - COL Curt Taylor.  COL Taylor has been involved in the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum since its inception and has been a champion of innovation in the military throughout his career.  He'll be discussing 'learning how to rock the boat'. Check out the attached Military Review article co-authored by COL Taylor about innovation in the military.  For the non-Army folks out there, a brigade has over 4,000 soldiers and there are only 3 Brigade Combat Teams at Fort Carson. 

Event info: Tuesday, May 23rd at 7:00pm at Red Leg Brewery. 

Link to event:

Colorado Springs Drink & Think

Colorado Springs is our Nation’s national security capitol of the West–with the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, NORTHCOM, SPACECOM, NORAD, 10th Special Forces Group as well as active defense, private and non-profit sectors - it is an unparalleled location to discuss military innovation at elevation.

Colorado Springs, CO