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Our July Drink & Think speaker will be Dr. Ryan Burke an Assistant Professor at the Air Force Academy in the Department of Military and Strategic Studies and also a former Marine Corps officer.  Ryan worked with Air Force Academy Cadet Hayley Weir to develop a composite armor that can stop a .44 Magnum. The invention combines a gel-like substance with other materials, uses 75% less fabric than typical military-style body armor, weighs less, and is half as thick. The design achieved patent-pending status and continues to be optimized. Their story has been featured in USA Today, Business Insider, Fox News and elsewhere.

Event info: Wednesday, July 26th at 7pm at Red Leg Brewing. You can leave ties and uniforms at home, casual works.

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Colorado Springs Drink & Think

Colorado Springs is our Nation’s national security capitol of the West–with the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, NORTHCOM, SPACECOM, NORAD, 10th Special Forces Group as well as active defense, private and non-profit sectors - it is an unparalleled location to discuss military innovation at elevation.

Colorado Springs, CO