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Magdalen College OX1 4AU Oxford United Kingdom

Historically the UK has projected itself as a technological leader, demonstrating a capacity to lead in complex and innovate projects. Conquering technological feats such as supersonic commercial flight and vertical landing of fixed wing aircraft, which has secured an industrial edge for many years. However with an ever more constrained defence budget and with greater scrutiny on defence procurement creating an environment of risk aversion, does the UK have the appetite for Iconic Projects?

In this event we will be returning to first principles to establish what characterises an Iconic Project and whether there is any value in investing in Iconic Projects. This will then lead into a presentation from our Keynote Speaker Dr Simon Harwood, Director of Defence and Security at Cranfield University. Dr Harwood will use his extensive background that cuts across government, industry and academia, to discuss whether there is a need for Iconic Projects in Defence before commenting on the role in which each of us plays as part of the Defence Enterprise.

In true DEF fashion we will be encouraging participation and will be using a number of mediums to get the audience involved. We will also be holding Welcome Drinks from 1830 at the Old Kitchen Bar (see map below).

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Agenda (Subject to change)

1900 -1910 Welcome & Icons Board

1910-1940 What is an Iconic Project? - Nick Colosimo, Strategy & Planning Executive and Technologist, BAE Systems (Audience Participation through Voting App)

1940-2000 Is there value in an Iconic Project? - [tba] followed by drinks break for discussions

2015-2045 Is there a need for Iconic Projects? – Dr Simon Harwood, Director Defence & Security, Cranfield University

2045-2145 The Role of the Defence Enterprise? Group Workshop – Audience Participation

2145-2200 Summary & Wrap-up

2200+ Drinks at the Turf Tavern (fascinating history here: - crucially, with an outdoor area for if the weather is decent.