February 17


04:30 pm - 06:30 pm

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Defense Entrepreneurs Forum


The DEF Los Angeles February Drink & Think will build on previous discussions about the academic and entrepreneurial innovation communities in Los Angeles and bring us right into the heart of the action at the Los Angeles Biergarten. The same venue is also hosting USMC Vets of LA starting at 6:30 PM, right after the Drink & Think concludes.

We’re going to focus our conversation, in advance of some planning for DEFxLA in late March, on key issues in national security innovation as outlined in this article by Steve Blank, “Innovation at Speed… when you have 2 million employees.” 

The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum is a non-profit dedicated to promoting and enabling a culture of innovation in the US national security community. The mission of DEF is to inspireconnect and empower people committed to national security through convening events, forging partnerships and delivery of tangible solutions. Some of the ways the connections happen include monthly gatherings, periodic DEFx events, an annual conference, and ongoing collaboration via Slack, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you are a military member, work in government, are an entrepreneur focused on national security, or find the idea of helping solve tough problems enticing, then DEF LA’s monthly Drink & Think is a great way to learn more.


Why should I register if this is a free event? Taking the couple minutes it takes to register helps the local DEF team to better prepare the planned space for everyone who plans on attending. Thanks in advance!

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? Parking availability is pretty limited, rideshare options are always a good choice in DTLA!

How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Feel free to message DEF any questions you may have on Facebook in advance, or shoot us an email. We don’t like spam, but are interested in just about anything else that falls into DEF lanes, so, when in doubt, reach out! We are, after all, about connecting people.