The Defense Entrepreneurs Forum is proud to announce the launch of the Firestarter Fellowship, a new program that invests directly in the people working in the field of national security innovation and are poised to become network nodes in the innovation community.

Through the Firestarter Fellowship, a limited number of our members will be given grants – not for products or systems, but for their own human capital development. Innovation is nothing without the culture and the people to support it, and this is DEF’s newest effort to build a community of defense innovators.

The next Firestarter Fellowship cohort will be announced in Fall 2018. Ideal candidates are passionate about improving the culture within the national security enterprise and willing to commit to an intense year-long, non-resident fellowship-like experience with biannual in-person engagements. The 2019 cohort will serve for a year, developing their interests and establishing their place in the defense innovation ecosphere. 

Here at the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, we didn’t start the fire, but you might! Apply to be a DEF Firestarter fellow today and light the spark that will ignite change.

Still have questions?  Click here for Firestarter FAQs.