DEF Gutenberg Writer’s Collaborative


What is DEF Gutenberg?
DEF Gutenberg continues the DEF tradition of creating a culture of innovation in the national security community by helping our members make an impact with the written word. DEF’s Gutenberg program partners with aspiring authors to develop concepts, edit drafts, and promote their work through publication. DEF prides itself on producing tangible solutions. Sometimes this means creating a new product or cutting through red tape. At other times this means developing a new process, theory, or paradigm. This national program empowers entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs communicate their ideas to a broader audience in the national security community.


How does DEF Gutenberg work?
DEF members bring a concept or a group of concepts to the Gutenberg team. The concept’s degree of development ranges from a short conversation to an outline to an initial draft of a paper. DEF Gutenberg helps the participant refine the concept, define their audience and intended impact, pick a publisher, write and pitch the paper, and market it after publication.


Would you like to participate in the DEF Gutenberg writers collaborative or just have more questions about the program?
Contact the program director