2017 Innovation Competition

DEF is dedicated to empowering emerging leaders from across the defense enterprise to have impact through innovation. Our annual innovation competition is our favorite way of showcasing the hard work and great ideas of our members. This year's competition will take place on Sunday, September 17th in Austin, TX during DEF2017.

Our goal is to get as many innovative projects in front of senior leaders who can support getting the project from concept to implementation. Some innovators need money. Some need an advocate to cut through the entrenched bureaucracy. Others want to recruit others to join their team.

There is no specific challenge or scope for projects other than to improve the defense enterprise, then you can enter. It's the value of the idea that matters, so it doesn't matter if your project is just a concept, or if you've already built a working version.


How to Enter the Competition

1. We are doing rolling acceptance of applications.   Send us an email with your name, pitch/project name, contact info, a short (3-5 sentences) bio, and a 500-word (or less) description of your idea, concept, or project. Tell us about the problem that you're addressing and how it impacts the defense enterprise, what hurdles are hindering your growth, and what makes your solution novel and better. Text is good, links are better, videos are great. We'll confirm we received your email.

2. We'll let you know within 48 hours if your project was accepted into the competition.   

3. Join us in Austin on September 14th-17th for DEF2017. Be a part of our 5th annual conference and join the larger network of defense innovators.


Looking for some examples of past projects?

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