12 August 2017 | US Air Force Academy

Colorado is home to numerous military bases and startup communities; DEFxColorado will leverage the strengths of both groups to create innovation @ elevation within the defense community. DEFxColorado will be held in Colorado Springs – our Nation’s national security capital of the West – home of the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, and Schriever AFB, with Buckley AFB just down the road. Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs all have active ROTC programs and boast growing startup scenes with innovative companies.

Building on the success of the monthly Colorado Springs Drink & Think meetups, we’re hosting a day long DEFxColorado to tackle issues at a deeper level. We will begin the day with TED talk-style speakers and a panel of successful innovators, including Joe Byerly, Matt Cavanaugh, Aaron Roof, Sara Kinney, Darren Halford, and Aram Donigian. We’ll then learn Lean Startup principles and Influence Strategies to develop real solutions and strategies to drive change by applying them to real-world challenges.

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Artificial intelligence and logarithmic warfare’s impact on national security is a growing topic of interest and controversy. While private industry and many states are advancing their artificial intelligence, the DoD seems to struggle to attract the best talent. In a related discussion about the possible expiration of the United States’ ban on autonomous weapons, General Selva recently warned about the hazards of unleashing “on humanity a set of robots that we don’t know how to control.”

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