DEFx Events
Since our first conference in 2013, DEF has grown into a large, international network of defense innovators. We host an ever-growing number of events, innovation competitions, and are directly contributing to the defense community through our Cloud Advisory. To continue growing, we need your support.

There are six days left in DEF’s crowdfunding campaign. Our campaign will support DEFx events, like the upcoming DEFxColumbus and DEFxDC in May, DEFxAtlanta in June, and DEFxCOS in August. It will support our annual conference and the DEF Innovation Competition, and the DEF Cloud Advisory, which recently presented a set of recommendations to the Defense Innovation Advisory Board. DEF also plans to expand its efforts by supporting individual innovators, increasing our network’s value to members, and spreading our message even further across the defense community.

We’ve raised $7,870 in the last 23 days. Many of the donations have been large, which we appreciate immensely. If that’s not in your budget, remember that small donations help, not just financially, but by showing that DEF has a broad base of support. Still on the fence, but always wish you had a lapel pin or notebook to show your support for DEF? Check out our swag on the crowdfunding page. Beyond pins and notebooks, it includes event discounts and sponsorship opportunities.

Thanks for reading!

– The DEF Team

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