DEF 2017

DEF 2017 will be here soon! The event’s speakers, breakout sessions, and happy hours will show how DEF has matured from a group of frustrated young leaders to a network that is creating real change in the DoD’s culture. We will also get the same rich experience found at every DEF event. Purchase your tickets before September 1!

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Bobby Inman
  • Jon GIllis
  • B.J. Armstrong
  • Ori Brafman

DEF is partnering with MD5 to stage the annual innovation competition, which will focus on early stage ventures who are working on solutions with both commercial and defense applications.  Learn more or submit your ideas here.

Every year, the Center for a New American Security selects a bipartisan group of 20-25 emerging national security leaders from age 27 to 35 to participate in a year-long, part-time professional development fellowship. Click here to learn more about the program or to apply.

DARPA researchers discuss how replacing the military’s “system of systems” with mosaic warfare can reduce reliance on exquisite platforms while imposing complex dilemmas on enemies.

Dr. Russell Glenn speaks about the challenges the U.S. military will face in urban environments and how it should prepare for them.

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