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Frequently asked questions

How do I join? Our leadership team is a constantly growing group of volunteers who are passionate about creating a culture of innovation in national security. There's no application process, just a commitment from you. Email us to get started.

How is the team organized? Like a good insurgency, we're a team of teams, not a bureaucracy. Our teams are organized around focus areas (Operations, Marketing, Finance, and Membership) and programs (conferences, projects, and other short-duration initiatives).

How big is the commitment? As an all-volunteer team, the commitment is up to you. We have projects that can be short-duration and moderate or heavy efforts (5-7 hours/week for 3-4 months) and we have long-term roles that can vary from low commitment (1-5 hours/week) up to major commitments (7-10 hours/week).

Where do I fit in? Here are some roles that we are looking to fill right now.

Operations Team

Chief Operating Officer: Oversees all operations of DEF, including the annual conference, DEFx, Agoras, Cloud Advisory, and others. Create and execute a strategic vision for programs that achieve DEF's mission to inspire, connect, and empower national security innovators.

Annual Conference Planning Team: Join the team that is responsible for the national conference, DEF2017, in Austin, TX.  Help to identify event venues, work with partners, manage fundraising, construct programming, and recruit speakers.

DEFx Program Team: Manage and liaise with the COO related to all things DEFx. Assist local teams to plan, launch, and host their own DEFx events. Be the point person for those wishing to conduct a DEFx event in their region.  Build “DEF in a Box” platform for easy event creation.

Agora Program Director: Manage various Agora’s around the country.  Be the point person to link Agora participants to DEFx and other communities.

DEF Fellows: DEF is a people-centric network, so we're investing even more in our members. Plan and launch a new fellowship program this year.  You would have complete ownership of this project with some defined intent and lateral limits.

Innovation Competition Team: Don't have a great idea, but want to directly support those who do? This is for you. Plan and host the annual innovation competition in Austin. Recruit pitch competitors, coordinate judging, and manage sponsorship/prizes.


Marketing Team

Newsletter Editor: Responsible for creating and sending email newsletter once every two weeks.  Compiles information from various DEF leaders, creates and edits content, and manages email distribution list.

Web Design: Design, build, and maintain the DEF website.

Social Media: Social media empowers our members as we celebrate their ideas and projects. Help us to build the DEF brand by creating messages across multiple social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).


Finance Team

Chief Financial Officer: Responsible for all fundraising and financial reporting of the organization.

Financial Officer: As a 501(c)(3), it's incredibly important that we keep accurate records and maintain compliance. Responsible for maintaining our financial records, preparing taxes, and achieving higher levels of non-profit evaluation.

Development and Partnerships: Responsible for managing and recruiting new fundraising partners.  Work across the leadership team to match needs with gifts.

Legal: Provide legal council for our leadership team – particularly when it comes to managing the challenges of integrating new technology into DoD and what lateral limits are allowed by our membership in their advocacy.


Membership and People

Senior Leader Liaison / Recruitment: Part of the team that builds and maintains relationships with senior civilian and military leaders.  Work to recruit them for DEF and DEF[x] events, as well as develop opportunities to consult for them, empowering our community to make change.

People Management: Help us get more of the right people onto the team. Run the recruitment and selection of leadership team applicants. Make sure roles are filled. Create a process to make it easier for DEF members to get engaged.